7 ChatGPT Prompts to Make Money Online in 2023

Make money online from ChatGPT, is it possible? You can use the following prompt as inspiration and the main foundation.

version 3.5 is only able to get information until 2021. So it will be very useful if you upgrade to GPT version 4 and use plugin support.

How to make make money on

7 ChatGPT Prompts to Make Money Online in 2023

1. Etsy

Prompt: “Find 3 to 5 niches with low competition but high demand and create Spreadsheet Templates that will make $280k on Etsy within two years.

Use Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

Keep the template simple and easy for beginners, but still provide value for experts.”

2. Finance – alpha investment strategies

Prompt: “Create five uncorrelated investment strategies based on stock picking during the next 52 weeks.

Assume three different evolutions of the stock market: the 1929 crash, 1987 returns, and the 2000 dot-com bubble.

You will buy and sell stocks at least three times per week. Write corresponding installments of the newsletters.

Don’t forget to add ‘this does not constitute financial advice’ at the end of each newsletter.”

3. Instagram – niche mastery

Prompt: “Identify the top 3 niches on Instagram based on the number of likes, shares and hashtags used in the last three months.

For each niche, write three lists of 10 content .

The first list is to make people follow me. The second list is to make people share my content. The third list is to make people think I’m providing value and convince them to join my Cohort Based Community Course on [niche].”

4. Udemy – online courses about AI tools

Prompt: “List the 11 most used AI tools on the market right now – excluding .

For each AI tool, prepare a script explaining the first six steps people can follow to use 50%+ of the functionalities in less than week.

Use Pictory, Synthesia, and InVideo to produce three versions of the corresponding short tutorials. Use Deck Robot to make the corresponding slide decks.”

5. Coaching

Prompt: “Develop a 27-step coaching framework based on the six pillars of the moral foundation theory (care, fairness, loyality, authority, sanctity, libery).

For each pillar, create a set of 27 questions to be used as by the coaches to guide a self-reflection practice.

Include community sharing sessions in the coaching framework to leave open the scaling potential of the business.”

6. Guided meditations for a faceless YT channel

Prompt: “Select 100 powerful quotes from authors who died at least on hundred years ago.

For each quote, write five paragraphs inviting the listener to reflect on the quote.

For each paragraph, create a short sentence people will use as a mantra.

Use AIVA to compose compelling emotional soundtracks and Voice ai to read the paragraphs and mantras.”

7. Gaming app

Prompt: “Develop a gaming app that will display levels from 1 to 1.000.

Players can reach levels by paying the corresponding amount of money.

Players reaching 1.000 in one payment revceive the One Shot Winner badge.

The app will include sharing functionalities on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

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