Top 8 ChatGPT Plugins for Designers

Dive into the world of ChatGPT and so excited to share my top 8 for Designers.

  1. AI Tool Hunt: Discover the best new AI tools.
  2. Video Insights: Extract valuable info from videos.
  3. Wolfram: Access computation, math, and knowledge.
  4. Show me: Create dynamic diagrams effortlessly.
  5. Noteable: Visualize and analyze data effectively.
  6. AskYourPDF: Get insightful answers from PDFs.
  7. Ambition: Find exciting job opportunities easily.
  8. Kraftful: Expert guidance for product development.

This ChatGPT plugins really helps designers for their work.

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1. AI Tool Hunt

AI Tool Hunt is the go-to destination for finding the best new AI tools.

Install AI Tool Hunt , example :

“Ask AI Tool Hunt which tools would be great when I am starting a new project as a UX Designer, my goal is to do user research, a strategy workshop and wireframe testing with my client”

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2. Video Insight

This plugin pulls in the transcript of any YouTube or Dailymotion video. You can then work with that transcript in .

Install Video Insight , example :

“Ask Video Insights to summarize the key points of this video: [youtube link]”

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3. Wolfram

Access computation, math, curated knowledge and real-time data through Wolfram | Alpha and Wolfram Language.

Install Wolfram plugins, example :

“Ask Wolfram to calculate the compound interest on a loan of $5000 with an annual interest rate of 5% over 3 years”

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4. Show Me

This is a diagramming plugin.

Install Show Me plugins, exmaple prompts:

“Create me a graph about all the single steps and sub steps you need to do for a successful product design project”

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5. Noteable

Utilize this tool within to generate data visualization and analysis notebooks effortlessly.

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6. AskYourPDF

Provide a link to a PDF document of your choice and ask any questions you have regarding that PDF.

ChatGPT is capable of tasks such as summarizing the PDF content and providing specific answers related to dates, numbers, and factual information within the document.

Install AskYourPDF plugins, example prompts:

“Ask AskYourPDF to summarize this pdf: doc_id: xxx”

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7. Ambition

Simply inform the Ambition plugin about the specific roles you are seeking, and it will efficiently sift through countless job openings available online.

Install Ambition plugins, example prompts:

“I am looking for a job as a senior UX Designer in Berlin, please ask ambition to make a list of the top 10 jobs”

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8. Kraftful

Kraftful is positioned as a “product development coach” that offers valuable assistance.

Install Kraftful plugins, example prompts:

“Ask Kraftful how I can approach a new startup?”

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