70+ Ideas to Hooks Audience on Your TikTok and Instagram

If you want to go on or Instagram reel, then you need to start utilising hooks! You have only a fraction of a second to attract attention, so be sure to open with a catchy hook like one of these.

HOW TO USE: These can go on your cover slide, first sentence of your caption and/or be the first thing you say in your next reel.

10 Compelling hooks you can use in your or reels

10 Compelling hooks you can use in your TikTok or reels
  1. THE TEASER: Stay tuned till the end for a mind blowing surprise you won’t believe!
  2. THE CHALLENGE: Join this challenge and let’s see who’s got the skills to beat me!
  3. THE QUESTION: Have you ever wondered if (insert intriguing question)? I’ve got the answer for you!!
  4. THE TRANSFORMATION: Watch my incredible transformation journey from (start point) to (end point)! You won’t believe your eyes!
  5. THE BEHIND THE SCENES: Get an exclusive behind the scenes look at (project/event)! You won’t believe what happens!
  6. THE LIFE HACK: I’ve discovered this life changing hack that’ll make your daily routine so much easier! Don’t miss this!
  7. THE QUICK TUTORIAL: Learn (specific skill) in just 60 seconds! You will not believe how easy this is!!
  8. THE PERSONAL STORY: Sharing a personal story that changed my life, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, grab a tissue!
  9. THE MYSTERY: Something mysterious is happing at (location). Can you guess what it is? Stay tuned to find out!
  10. THE EXCLUSIVE OFFER: I’ve got a deal just for you! Don’t miss out on this limited time offer! Swipe now!

The first 3-5 seconds are crucial for reels. You need some solid hooks to captivate your audience and make them watch

So we got some hooks for your next reel!

Top 10 hooks to create urgency

  1. Watch till the end!
  2. Stop making this huge mistake!
  3. Don’t believe this myth
  4. I bet you don’t know this hack!
  5. If you want more (results) save this!
  6. Get (results) in 7 days…
  7. Here’s how to get (results) without (problem)…
  8. My secret to getting (results)…
  9. Tired of (problem)? Try this…
  10. The secret to (results) no one talks about…
100+ Ideas to Hook Audience on Your TikTok and Instagram

30+ Hooks to go on Instagram

These 30 best words and phrases to use in your posts:

  1. Unlock the secrets…
  2. … You need to know!
  3. How I got…
  4. Take your … game to the next level
  5. It feels illegal to know
  6. Stop scrolling
  7. Let’s dive deep into the…
  8. Swipe right to transform
  9. You won’t believe this!
  10. When someone says…
  11. X tips to…
  12. Quick tips
  13. Crack the code…
  14. Learn the … secrets
  15. The truth about
  16. Transform your …
  17. I wish I had known before
  18. You don’t believe

More words that grab attention:

  1. How to
  2. Trending
  3. Mistake
  4. Impressive
  5. Shocking

Words that use negativity:

  1. Don’t miss
  2. Secret
  3. Can’t
  4. Never
  5. Stop
  6. Avoid

Hooks for your next reel

  1. POV: You…
  2. Here is exactly…
  3. Do you know…
  4. The best advice…
  5. I challenge you…
  6. Effective…
  7. Let me show you…
  8. This is why…
  9. Stop doing…
  10. How I started…
  11. The quickest way…
  12. Before you start
  13. Stop wasting time/$ on…
  14. If you think…
  15. Do not share this!
  16. The only way/tool…
  17. I’m blown away…
  18. I found a way…

Emotional hooks at the start of your content works to capture the attention of viewers and makes them want to keep watching.

All social media platforms have one goal at the end of the day – to keep people on their platform for as long as possible.

If you make content that people stay to watch or read, then the algorithms will favour your content.

So screenshot these emotional hooks that play on emotions of anticipation, nostalgia, FOMO, inspiration and motivation, so you can use them in your next Reel or caption.

9 Insane reel hooks that stop the scroll

  1. What if I told you…
  2. This might shock you but…
  3. How to fix (insert pain point)
  4. This will blow your mind!
  5. This is your sign to…
  6. Steal my strategy for…
  7. This insane trick will blown your mind
  8. Warning! This will save your time!
  9. Have you seen this…

6 Reel hooks to get more view

1. You won’t believe what happens next!

Use this hook to create a reel that has surprising or unexpected twist.

2. It’s time to level up

Use this hook to create a reel that showcases a new achievement, and inspires viewers to level up in their own lives.

3. Let’s break a record!

Use this hook to create a reel that challenges viewers to join you in setting a new record.

4. Say goodbye to [insert problem]

Use this hook to create a reel that offers a solution a problem and helps viewers say goodbye to that problem.

5. The secret to [insert noun]

Use this hook to create a reel that reveals a secret or a tip on a particular topic and encourages viewers to tune in.

6. Think outside the box

Use this hook to create a reel that showcases something unique, and encourages viewers to think differently.

A strong hook can make a Reel more engaging and increase the likelihood that people will watch it and share it with others.

Additionally, a well-crafted hook can help a Reel stand out in a crowded feed, making it more likely to be seen and watched by potential viewers.

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