Instagram SEO: Organic Growth Strategy to Get Followers

Friends, let us tell you that this is one of the best ways to increase your reach on a strong Instagram 2023 (Search Engine Optimization) strategy platform. Organic Instagram strategy to increase followers.

What is on Instagram?

Instagram SEO: Organic Growth Strategy to Get Followers

SEO on Instagram is all about adjusting your content so that it appears in as many places as possible – from search results to suggested content feeds.

This is an essential tip to improve your searchability.

Is Important for Instagram?

How to Grow Your Instagram with Carousel

Why is Instagram SEO important? With over a billion annual active users on Instagram, SEO plays a vital role in both reach and discovery on the platform As part of the explore page, there is a directory of every Instagram account on the Instagram Hunt app.

How do I add keywords to my Instagram posts?

3 Tips to Boost Your Overall Instagram Results
  1. Instagram Optimization
  2. Optimize your Instagram profile.
  3. Include your primary keyword in your display name
  4. Use your secondary keywords in the bio.
  5. Treat your hashtags as keywords.
  6. Use secondary keywords in your image captions.
  7. Take advantage of the Instagram Alt text.
  8. Track everything with analytics.

1. Use a searchable username

Whatever your main keyword is to try to add it to your username. It will go a long way in boosting your Instagram SEO.

But whether you choose a username that includes your primary keyword or not, it has to be searchable.

Pro tip: It’s in the language your target audience would use to find you.

2. Add your primary keyword to your display name

Can’t use your primary keyword in your username? Make sure you add it to your display name.

An Instagram business coach might say, “Instagram business and marketing coach”.

Pro tip: Update your display name to include the main keyword you want Instagram to associate with your account.

3. Add secondary keywords to your bio

Take 10-minutes to sit down and list all the other keywords you want to rank for that are related to your main keyword.

It’s up to you how many related terms you want to use, but don’t keyword stuff.

Pro tip: Re-write your bio and add your related keywords.

4. Do your hashtag research

Think of your hashtags as keywords. These words are how ‘non-followers’ are going to find your content on Instagram.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with choosing hashtags, create hashtag set for each topic you speak about on your profile.

Pro tip: By researching your hashtags and grouping them, it will save you so much time when you’re planning your content.

5. Use Instagram’s ALT text

It’s a little-known trick that will boost your Instagram reach engine optimization.

Why leve your SEO up to an app? It’s way better to do it yourself and make sure your image and the alt text match up.

Pro tip: Add alt text to your next post and update a few of your older posts.

6. Think of your image captions as title tags

When you create a post, Instagram creates a unique URL for it and uses your photo’s caption as the title tag.

Make sure that the most relevant keywords of your caption are at the beginning.

Pro tip: Google will cut off your title after 60 characters.

7. Avoid using Instagram black hat SEO techniques

  1. Don’t use bots to like and comment on posts
  2. Don’t buy followers
  3. Don’t use the same hashtag set for every single post
  4. Don’t mass follow accounts in one session

Pro tip: Organic engagement from real people is what you want.

8. Optimising your profile with Instagram SEO

SEO may be a tactic for content marketers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply those strategies to your Instagram account.

Boost the chances of your ideal followers finding your account
Increase your vanity metrics e.g. the number of followers and likes
Help the Instagram algorithm figure out what your account is all about
Make it easier to sell to your audience

SEO is super important because your IG posts can be showed on google as well! So use the right keywords on your captions and bio.

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