How to Make AI Writing More Human

ChatGPT and Google Bard are AI tools that have similar uses. This AI tool produces writing quickly but doesn’t look like real human writing. So, how to make AI writing more human?

ChatGPT has become the most successful AI in 2023, a technological breakthrough that has many pros and cons. can do anything like answer questions, provide unthinkable ideas, create programs and other things for FREE!

Write question-based prompts to get answers. must be written specifically and on point, so that the results match what you intended.

Since all people in the world always use , some people realize that writing is 100% bot, and this is a new problem.

These people realize that the writing characteristics of ChatGPT results are different from real human writing.

I don’t even really understand where the difference is between a real human post and a ChatGPT result other than the “idea”.

How to Make AI Writing More Human

How to Make AI Writing More Human

Check the results ChatGPT at, you can also make text results look more human.

Watch the video below:


If you’re still unsure about, try a similar tool. Enter the keyword “human writing ai” on Google and you will find many similar tools.

Do the same if you use Google Bard, because basically AI like this generates answers from the most relevant references they have in the database.

AI Writing VS Human Writing

Keep the originality of the contained in the text results. Which better between human writing that is less interesting or ChatGPT results that are interesting to read?

I think it doesn’t matter if you use the results from ChatGPT for content creation on social media. The problem is when you use it for journal purposes, sending news content on the internet, and other things that require third party approval.

Hope this helps.

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