30+ Instagram Viral Post Ideas For 2023

Use these ideas and go viral in 2023 on Instagram. I’ve done more than 10 000 posts on social media a lot of them have failed, but some have risen to the top. Gaining me close to 300 000 followers across social media and millions more for my clients.

There are something valuable and practical ! We have to know the potential of story it can make more impact!

If we use a content pillar then it makes it easy to generate for the content. Share your experience from last year, the prediction of a new year is engaging .

Here are the best ideas I’ve tested throughout the years in different niches:

Instagram Viral Post Ideas 2023

Instagram Viral Post Ideas 2023
  1. Share a quote to live by in 2023
  2. Steal my process for [X result]
  3. Explain 20 industry terms
  4. X alternatives to [common paid tool]
  5. Share all the tools you use in your business
  6. Share a personal story from 2022
  7. Avoid these X deadly mistakes
  8. How it started vs how it is now
  9. X books you need to read in 2023
  10. What people think about your niche vs the reality
  11. Secret hack that few people know about X
  12. X habits that got me from [this] to [that]
  13. Create a case-study about a client’s win
  14. If you want to do this in 2023, check this post!
  15. Biggest mistakes people can make in 2023
  16. If I had to start over this is what I would do
  17. [X common thing] is now dead
  18. My biggest regret of my X years career
  19. What mentor’s don’t you about X
  20. Old way vs new way of succeeding in your niche
  21. X books worth more than a course
  22. Stop doing X, instead try this
  23. Share X little known facts about your niche
  24. X things I wish I knew when I began X years ago
  25. Share your biggest lessons of 2022
  26. Trend predictions for 2023
  27. Share your plans for dominating 2023
  28. Difference between X and Y
  29. [X common thing about your niche] is toxic
  30. Share the biggest losses of 2022

Talking about problems, solutions and trends is the best, plus don’t forget to give your point of view!

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