4 ChatGPT Prompts and Example for Professional Marketing

SAVE these and be better than 95% of ChatGPT users. Most people use a fraction of the power of , in this article, we will discuss and examples around marketing ideas.

That is why there are users that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars/followers and users who can only generate using the same tool.

That’s why today I want to show you 4 of my favorite ChatGPT :

4 Prompts and Example for Professional

Instagram SEO: Organic Growth Strategy to Get Followers

1. Personalised Content Ideas

Help me come up with ideas for Instagram content, but before that ask me a series of at least 10 questions to better understand my goals, audience, niche and tone of voice

2. Growth Hacking

Using the ‘Pirate Funnel’ framework, please write a campaign outline that outlines the key stages of the customer journey for our [product/service] and how we can optimize each stage for maximum growth.

Describe how you would acquire, activate, retain, refer, and generate revenue from our [ideal customer persona]. Include specific tactics and metrics you would use to measure the effectiveness of this approach.

3. Emotional Storytelling

Using the ‘Storytelling’ framework, write a compelling story in an Instagram carousel format about my [product/service] and how it helped a [customer] overcome their [problem].

Use vivid details and emotional language to create a connection with the reader and showcase the effectiveness of our product.

4. Engaging Instagram Stories

Develop an Instagram story showing a common misconception about [industry] and provide valuable information to [audience] to dispel the myth and persuade them to take [desired action].

Save this and use these prompts to become a ChatGPT pro.

has truly transformed the landscape of creativity and productivity. It’s like having a versatile co-creator right at our fingertips. With its prowess in simplifying intricate tasks and igniting effortless streams of fresh ideas, the impact is profound.

That’s like a helping hand that simplifies our lives. Using these prompt can really boost our creativity and help us complete tasks faster. It’s like having a friendly assistant that makes things much smoother for content creators.

ChatGPT is a helpful partner, but it’s up to you to add your own special touch and make things uniquely yours. Keep being creative and original!

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