5 Ways to Get Followers on Threads

There is a shitload of attention today and there is a shitload of followers to be had from and here’s 5 ways to get followers on Threads.

is blowing up! You do not want to miss this opportunity to pickup a lot of followers.

First of all, it’s literally looks like Twitter, except you can login with your Instagram account and your followers are prompted to follow you when they join (and there’s no DM’s).

5 Ways to get followers on Threads

Login page Threads (threads.net).

1. Share your Threads into Instagram

Tap share on one of your own threads and it will create an image to share on your Instagram profile generating as much interest as possible.

2. Post as much as you can today

Post as much you can today like literally every few minutes and post super shareable, super relatable stuff, memes, jokes and stuff that gets a really nice conversation going.

Where to find ? Scroll through the feed and look what’s getting massive engagement. PLUS use this prompt on ChatGPT!

“Come up with 10 Twitter community posts for topics on [your niche]. Each one should prompt people to share thoughts and comments and be a max of 15 words”.

3. Engage as much as you can

Join as many conversations as can leave valuable comments and get as many eyes on your profile as possible.

4. Get involved with conversations

Fourth, go to huge celebrity and influencer accounts and do exactly the same thing, get involved with their conversations and piggyback off of all of their activity.

5. Reply to every single comment

Fifth, go to your replies tab or reply to every single comment that you get asking another question and furthering the conversation to generate more replies and more activity on your post bumping you up the feed.

Jumping on threads as early as possible is definitely the way to go. We should get on the threads bus before it becomes common as then we’ll no longer be able to properly benefit from it.

Get yourself on it.

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