GoLess: Browser Automation and Web Scraping with No-Code

Hello, friends! Today, I want to share a cool discovery with you – the website goless.com.

If you’ve been dreaming of automating your processes but programming triggers a lot of fear, then this tool is just right for you.

What is Goless.com?

It’s a web platform where you can create your own “workflow schemes” – sets of actions that can be automated. And the coolest part is, you don’t need to write a single line of code for this! Forget about the headache of programming, because here you can configure everything without it.

GoLess: Browser Automation and Web Scraping with No-Code

– Turn to ready-made solutions on the website’s marketplace – absolutely free.

– Utilize automations with the built-in to interact with clients.

Just imagine how convenient it is: a bot that reacts to messages and answers them, while you enjoy your coffee.

– Data collection, creating collectors, extracting information – sounds complicated? Not with Goless! Create unique automation or choose from the ones that are already prepared.

– Interface? Simple and understandable! You pick blocks, combine them, set them up – and you’re done!

You don’t need to adjust to the tool; the tool adjusts to you.

In general

Goless.com is like an assistant for automation, accessible to everyone. If you want to optimize your processes and make them smarter, take a look at their website.

It’s also available as a Chrome extension that you can install here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/goless-browser-automation/ghlmiigebgipgagnhlanjmmniefbfihl

I hope this thing will make your life a bit easier, just as it has made it easier for me. So long and good luck!

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