3 Tips to Boost Your Overall Instagram Results

These 3 tips can boost your Instagram results, but remember, they’re not a replacement for a strategy. They work best when you’ve got a strategy in place already.

1. Post size

3 Tips to Boost Your Overall Instagram Results

Many people still post carousels and single images in square format.

But did you know there’s a better way to stand out?

Use the potrait format: 1080 x 1350 | 4:5 aspect ratio.

Some people still post square content, and it’s really disappointing because it badly affects them. When they occupy more of the screen they can keep the audience’s attention on their content alone without other distractions around them.

It occupies a larger portion of your audience’s screen, grabbing more attention. Especially in today’s feed dominated by video content, square posts can easily go unnoticed.

2. Watch time

3 Tips to Boost Your Overall Instagram Results

Instagram tracks how much time people spend on your posts, not just videos.

Your goal should be to create content that keeps them engaged longer, whether they’re reading, watching, or interacting.

  1. Use attention-grabbing hooks to entice your audience to start reading or watching.
  2. Avoid information overload and keep it simple, so your audience can make it to the end.
  3. Reply to any incoming comments right after posting to keep the conversations going.

Another great way to increase watch time would be longer captions! But make sure they are valuable or else people will just scroll past.

3. Keywords

3 Tips to Boost Your Overall Instagram Results

Sticking to one niche and using relevant keywords across your content is key.

It helps Instagram understand what your content is about and boost it to the right people.

Where to put keywords:

  1. Add subtitles to your Instagram reels
  2. Use original audio
  3. Always add a caption when you posts. And don’t forget, adding some relevant hashtags at the end of the caption helps too.

Is it an issue to use the same 5-6 keyword related hashtags? Sometimes I see that even if the content/text on the reel is relevant to the hashtags used, IG gets “tired” and reach falls.

It’s not an issue to use the same hashtags multiple times. However, the best strategy is to have at least 3 sets of hashtags and alternate between them.

Image by: Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash.

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