How to Grow Instagram with Carousel Posts

Most of the Instagram creators like to post carousel post because it helps them to interact with their audience.

How can you gain more attention and engagement by sharing carousel, lest know the way.

  1. Instagram carousels give you double exposure
  2. posts, on the other hand, show up twice.

If a user scrolls past the with the first image, Instagram will show them the same post but a different slide for the second time!

Simple math tells us that your chances of connecting with your audience have doubled.

It seems like carousels are still the top-performing post type on Instagram.

If we look at the likes throughout my experiment, the carousels outperform the Reels every single time.

While Reels earned more comments than Carousels, carousels did better on every other engagement metric.

#1. Use simple and easier language

Simple design and language is the best way to provide your value. Don’t write to long and boring paragraph. Short and simple sentences are best for sharing.

#2. Leave space while creating content

Leaving space help your audience to read your content easily. They can easily gain access to topic that you spread. Write clear and clean sentences.

#3. Add actionable CTA in last slide

No one read your content for fun they visit on your profile for something they need. So don’t ignore and waste their time, add massive value and tips on the point.

Ask questions to yourself what is the massage and information they will get in this post.

#4. Don’t forget to add short text

As I discussed in previous slides don’t make your content complicated. Write short and simple sentences.

That clever twist where Instagram gives you a second shot at capturing attention is pure gold. With the math on your side, doubling connection chances sounds like a win-win.

The most important is always use simple and easier to understand language, don’t use fancy words to impress anyone.

Your aim is to provide value, so the more easy and simple language, the more people are going to understand it.

Carousels help a lot if presented in a perfect & simple way. The help to convey the knowledge in more efficient way.

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