6 Ways to Get Discovered on Instagram

Using keywords in all these things is essential for one to be discovered on Instagram, and you’re right that Instagram works as an search engine. It’s important to use keywords everywhere to get more discovered and visibility on Instagram.

Optimizing Instagram SEO is not easy but it is also not difficult. By using relevant keywords to our niche we can gain more reach. By optimizing SEO chances are very high that we gain more visibility on Instagram.

Optimization of every single feature of IG is vital for one to grow.

Here keywords play a very important role The stronger your key word is, The continuous use of your Keywords.

Right optimization play a very vital role to make algorithm understand about your niche and get the right listing 🙌.

How to Get Discovered on Instagram

How to Grow Your Instagram with Carousel

1. Name or username + top niche keyword

You’re not adding keywords or right keywords with username or name. It’s the first thing that hightly matters to get on search results.

2. Add keywords in your bio

You don’t use relevant keywords in your bio, you’re spamming by adding useless things. Don’t add to many keywords, make it simple, relevant and readable.

3. Add keywords in your captions

Aside from your bio and name/username add keywords in your captions too. Algorithm scan your captions too for making it SEO friendly.

4. Add keywords in your hashtags

You don’t use relevant hashtags, on social media hashtags work as search queries. Consider hashtags as keywords and user more relevant to your posts.

If you post Instagram growth tips/hack: #instagramgrowth #instagrowth #instagrowthtips #instagrow #socialmediagrowthtips

5. Add keywords in your alt text

You don’t add alt text in all of your posts. Adding alt text makes your posts SEO friendly, make it short and relate with your first slide. When you make post > go to advance setting > write alt text.

6. Adding location tag

You don’t use location tags in your posts. It helps you to attract audience from different cities or countries. For better, you should change your location tags every so often.

Instagram is evolving into more of a search engine, where keywords play a pivotal role.

It’s crucial to focus on selecting the right keywords and placing them strategically throughout your content.

By incorporating targeted keywords in the recommended areas, you can significantly enhance your chances of gaining visibility in relevant search results. Mastering this practice is essential for success.

Every word we use, write or say has to be connected with our post.

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